Saved in Time Update

The new book authored by Estella Leopold and Herb Meyer is now available to the Friends of Florissant Fossil Beds.  The Friends Board voted to purchase 75 copies of the book as a fund raiser.  The 75 copies went to Esteaal Leopold for her autograph and then came back to the Monument for Herb Meyer’s autograph.

We are very excited to be able to offer this special book to all of our members for $35.00.  There are only these 75 to be offered to anyone with the autographs.  Please remember that all proceeds go to benefiting the Monument.  If you wish a copy, please send your request and check to:

Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

% the Friends of Florissant Fossil Beds

PO Box 851

Florissant CO 80816.

DON’T FORGET: We will also have copies of the Songs for Junior Rangers CD produced by Jeff Wolin, Lead Interpreter at the Monument, at all Friends events with Jeff’s autograph for a $10.00 donation.  If you wish one of the CD’s, please use the same request as the book.

One thought on “Saved in Time Update

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