Moving Day!

On Tuesday, December 18, 2012, the Florissant Fossil Beds NM staff, volunteers and Friends members helped to move everything from the temporary VC to the new building. New Friends’ President, Eric Bailey and his wife Ellen were chefs for the delicious lunch and fun was had by all.
These pictures tell the story of the day’s work. Most importantly, the new Visitor CenterĀ  is open for business. It is an amazing building well worth the long wait. Plan a trip to the Monument to see the new building and find out how it works with solar energy!!!

2 thoughts on “Moving Day!

  1. Have just LOVED LOVED LOVED reading your sorites and thoughts, you write SO well. I could really imagine so many of the people and experiences you shared, and your posts have really made me think and reflect too (as well as laugh outloud and shed a tear at different points) you have a real gift.I CAN’T WAIT to have you back here, have missed you so much! Can’t wait to hear about all your travels and experiences first hand. Chat soon precious friend.