Aspen Leaf Hike for 4th Graders & Family

_7101501On Sunday, September 13, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument will host a special aspen leaf hike for fourth graders and their families. As part of the nation-wide, Every Kid in a Park initiative (, the monument will be distributing a free pass for all national parks for any fourth grader and their family.

Fourth Grade Friendly Aspen Leaf Hike:
10:00AM – 12:00PM, This kid-friendly hike will explore the changing colors of the aspen trees. On the hike participants will get to explore small pockets of golden wonder and learn up close about the aspen tree’s natural history. For example, did you know aspens can reproduce from sucker roots underground? Meet at the Visitor Center. Distance: 1–2 miles in length, Rated: Easy.
Reservations are required and participating fourth graders and families will need to download a free, paper pass from the Every Kid in a Park website, before they come.
The Every Kid in a Park pass is available to any fourth grader in the United States and their family, and is not just limited to this hike. Learn more at
Space is limited; please call ahead for details at (719) 748 – 3253 ext. 202
Learn more about Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument at (719) 748 – 3253 ext. 122 or visit our website at and visit us on Facebook