Your Friends Group supports Many Park Programs

Below are some of the many programs that the Friends of the Florissant Fossil Beds help support at Florissant Fossil Beds NM with your membership and contributions. We are constantly in need of further funds. If you would like to make an additional contribution to a specific program please contact one of our board members here.

Post to Parks – Award Winning Military Outreach Program
Since 2007, Florissant Fossil Beds has been engaging the military community of the Pikes Peak Region and connecting them with our national parks. Through this award-winning program thousands of active and retired military and military families have been able to visit and enjoy
healthy outdoor experiences.

Issued over 10,000 national park passes to active military, families, and disabled veterans
Provided opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, camping, snowshoeing in parks for active military and families
Hosted recovering service members on federal details through Operation Guardian to help them transition into the workforce
Developed an award-winning military-teen, trail crew mentoring program
Serving as a model program for all National Park sites and has helped spread the program to other areas

Award winning, military teen trail crew mentoring program ($8,000 per year)
Weekend Getaway for Families of Fallen Soldiers ($6,000 per year)
Bus trip for active and/or families to Great Sand Dunes and/ or Bent’s Old Fort ($2,000 per trip)
Military teen photojournalism camp ($8,000)
Supplies for youth programs (pins, badges, game books, hats, backpacks ) $5,000 per year
Create promotional video with professional film team ($10,000)post to parks